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Manipulator for ceramic heat exchangers
Manipulator for ceramic heat exchangers


In order to make lifting and manipulating ceramic heat exchangers easier for our customer’s employees, the following system was developed.

A total of four handling devices with manual Y telescopic extension on two floors were constructed and installed with suspended steel construction and light crane rail systems for manipulating the heat exchangers (max. weight 40 kg). In addition, lifting stations were developed in order to be able to place the components in the transport frame at an ergonomic height.

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  • Payload handling equipment: Max. 40 kg
  • Overturning moment load: Max. 500 Nm
  • Telescopic extension stroke: 300 mm
  • Payload lifting stations: Max. 2000 kg


  • Pneumatics: Festo, Aventics
  • Profile rail guide + ball screws: HIWIN
  • Gear motors: SEW Eurodrive
  • SPS Control system: Siemens S7 - 1200