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Scrap Shear
Scrap Shear


Large burrs can form during the manufacture of forgings, which later have to be disposed of as waste.
The problem arises that the bulky waste does not use the capacity of the scrap container ideally and fills it up too quickly

In order to solve this problem, we designed and manufactured a scrap shear for our customer. This allows steel burrs with high tensile strength to be cut into small pieces quickly and easily. The ridge is up to 1300°C warm and is placed in the scissors after folding, shredded there and then disposed in a container underneath. Appropriate safeguards have been put in place.

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  • Max. size of ridge: 2200 x 750 x 16 mm (l x w x h)
  • Max. cycle time: 18 sek.


  • Hydraulic cylinder: Dorninger Hytronics
  • Controlling system: Siemens S7 - 1513F